Bluefin Mobile

We have a quality selection of mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, laptops and smart accessories. Our services include top-up discount features, dropshipping, efficient bot sales agent features, and direct pre-orders from Hong Kong.

The IoT is a phenomenon that continues to grow and expand. This means that optimal products and services need to be provided in order to adapt to the endless changes happening worldwide.

We offer same day payment and shipping as well as full warranty coverage for up to 2 years on a wide range of products. Our commitment to excellence is our greatest strength in a highly competitive industry.
Bluefin Solar Tech

Bluefin's Solar Tech division offers the most reliable solar energy technology services in the industry. This is the reason why choosing Bluefin is an optimal way to invest in procurement and development of solar energy solutions.

The proper implementation of solar energy is a huge part of our evolution into a world that makes better use of natural resources to enhance our quality of life and protect the environment.

Once you decide to invest in solar technology, you will find that choosing our services to handle this process is going to guarantee the best possible outcome.